It’s time to shield your face with masks that only make you smile! Get your hands on covers that offer a stunning look to turn heads no matter where you are with a selection of gorgeous prints to choose from and toss those tatty reusable unisex masks in the bin! Not only do our masks look amazing, but they also provide a secure fit that is comfortable on your face and chin all day. Stop suffering from achy ears caused by restrictive masks that don’t adjust to your head shape. The Urban Scottish Unisex Face Mask earloops are made of a plush elastic material that gently caresses the ears while providing a secure yet comfortable fit. Urban Scottish unisex masks are increasingly becoming an everyday fashion trend.


Staying healthy doesn’t have to be inconvenient with our face-coverings, which safely prevent viruses while providing a comfortable fit you’ll love. Urban Scottish Unisex Face Mask is designed to cup your chin gently until you forget it’s there. Our earloops have been meticulously designed to be plush to the touch, allowing you to wear them painlessly all day.


Protect yourself from infections without the drab and uninteresting appearance of a surgical mask. Choose coverings that solely contribute to your style rather than bringing your clothing down with a boring virus protection mask.


You want to be completely secured during the day. The Urban Scottish is meticulously constructed unisex mask with a basic design that employs as little unneeded material as possible while maintaining its ability to keep ourself safe.


The masks are effective, but they can be costly in the long run. The Urban Scottish unisex mask is in long-lasting business PPE that looks fantastic and feels even better with each use.


Buying new boxes of disposable masks regularly is inconvenient and wasteful. The Urban Scottish unisex masks for illness prevention are composed of 100 percent pure cotton that can withstand the elements. They’re easy to wash by hand or machine, so you can wear breathable reusable face masks every day.

  1. Coronavirus spreads mostly by respiratory droplets created when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or speaks. Fabric masks, on the other hand, can prevent the droplets from forming. They serve as a barrier to prevent virus-carrying particles from leaving and infecting others.
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