About us

Welcome to Urban Scottish!
Urban Scottish, the retail brand of Duratex Group, offers a stylish range of loungewear for Men and Women that redefines comfort and fashion. Our collection includes a variety of Men's Boxers, Men's Lounge Pants, Women's Shorts, Women's Lounge Pants, and Plus Size Men's Boxers, catered to meet the diverse preferences and needs of our customers.
At Urban Scottish, we take pride in our upscale line of loungewear that promise to infuse a burst of color and charisma into the wardrobes of both youngsters and adults alike. Our commitment to quality, style, and comfort sets us apart in the realm of loungewear fashion.
Established as the retail brand under the esteemed Duratex Group, Urban Scottish has evolved to carve out its unique identity in the industry. The inception of the name 'Urban Scottish' stems from a serendipitous moment when the brand's founders, two brothers, found themselves strolling along a vibrant shopping street in Paris.
The name, ‘Urban Scottish’, came to be, as the founders of the brand, 2 brothers, were leisurely walking down a lively shopping street in Paris, debating and brainstorming for a brand name when they came across a brand named “Jodhpur”. The brand was named after an Indian city but was established in a foreign land. One thing led to another and the first name to strike was ‘Bombay Scottish’. Since they wanted to create a new-age brand catering to a diverse age-group, they took ‘Scottish’ and decided to add the term, ‘Urban’ to it. Thus, the birth of Urban Scottish.

Birth of Urban Scottish
Stepping into the world of online retail space was one of their most daring initiatives. They succeeded in their quest by successfully launching their first e-commerce brand under Duratex Retail – Urban Scottish.
The introduction of this new-age fashion brand in early 2017, marked an exciting milestone for the Duratex Group.
With each upcoming generation and transfer of management powers, the Duratex Group underwent massive changes and growth. Every new addition made the Group stronger and they were able to capture a lion’s share in the textile, garment and online commerce market. All of this contributed to the Group’s building of a thriving empire. Duratex Group is continuing its long legacy of delivering top-notch quality apparels at the most affordable prices, via Urban Scottish.

Industry Experience & Expertise

As an online retail brand under Duratex Retail, Urban Scottish is supported and backed by the rich history and experience of the Duratex Group. Over the years, Duratex has worked with several different brands and gathered enough intel on the working of diverse garment industries. Thanks to the Group’s exceptional knowledge and hands-on experience in fabrics and design, we stand apart from our competition.